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Will Free Menstrual Calendar Period Tracker help me plan a pregnancy and get pregnant?

If your cycles are fairly regular, Free Menstrual Calendar can estimate your possible fertile days based on your past cycle length and cycle statistics. This can be helpful when planning a pregnancy and trying to conceive. You'll also be more aware of what is happening in your body.

Many women with regular cycles are able find their fertile days and get pregnant using Free Menstrual Calendar. Keep in mind, however, a calendar based period tracker -even Free Menstrual Calendar that is based on your own personal cycle statistics, is mainly a guide.

For more detailed tracking and finding your most fertile days and ovulation date with certainty, there is no substitute for tracking your real-time fertility signals: your basal body temperature and cervical fluid.

It takes a little bit more observation, but you'll never wonder about your fertility status. For fertilty charting for conception, nothing beats or the Fertility Friend app on the app store. You can transfer your cycle data from Free Menstrual Calendar to Fertility Friend via your app at any time.

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